MMS General FAQ’s


Q: How long has MMS Institute been training?

A: Since 1974!


Q: Where can I find books, CD’s, and other products?

A: All products can be purchased by clicking on the “store” icon on the home page. Products can also be purchased by visiting the direct link at: www.drcherie.com/books.php


Q: Do I have to travel for training?

A: No. Trainings are available through our MMS Virtual Training portal at www.mmsvt.com. The MMS Virtual Training can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you have internet access!

You can also request Dr. Cherie to visit your town by completing the form on the home page!


Q: What if I want to take a live training that isn’t scheduled anywhere in the U.S.?

A: Email us. We’re always happy to organize trainings that you may interested in.


Q: Can I teach MMS Courses?

A: Yes, with the proper training and accreditation!  For more information on licensing contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



MMS Licensing FAQ’s


Q: What’s the purpose of the licensing program?

A: With over three decades of experience in motivating and coaching others, we are pleased to present for the first time an opportunity to our friends, associates, and neighbors worldwide. Specifically, NY Times #1 bestselling author Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott is working with Motivation Management International, Ltd. to offer an innovative licensing program. Through this program, qualified individuals will learn the intricacies of Dr. Cherie’s work and teaching methods. In addition, they will obtain a license to conduct the seminars and workshops to others in their geographic area. By learning how to inspire and motivate others, licensees will help spread knowledge and enlightenment throughout the world.

The licensing program is for people who want to be part of an international network, lead programs created by Dr. Cherie, and create or build their own human development firm. In short, the Licensing Program is for anyone who wants to expand their business to include workshops and seminars that have a thirty-year track record of success.


Q: Have licensing prices been set on each licensing option and will prices be published?

A: General figures have been established, but they will vary with the size of each country, the programs selected, the timeframe (1,3, or 5 years), the territory allotted, and the privileges granted under the license. Since prices will vary, they will not be published. However, you can discuss pricing options by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further questions you may have.


Q: What exactly is being licensed?

A: We have categorized all of the licensing opportunities into six general options. For each of these options, there are a variety of seminar and workshop choices that are available to license. You may license one seminar, all of the seminars included in an entire option, various seminars in different options, or any reasonable combination.


Q: Will there be territories assigned?

A: Yes. Licensees will be granted a right to offer seminars/workshops in a geographic area in which they have a presence or specific expertise.



MMS Coach Training FAQ’s


Q: What is The MMS Coach Training?

A: The MMS Coach Training is a 12-week intensive and transformational certification program for people who want to be trained as MMS coaches…


  1. To develop their capacity to facilitate others
  2. To develop themselves both personally and professionally


Q: How long have you been conducting the Training?

A: Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott designed and conducted the first MMS Coach Training in 1975. Since then we have continued to conduct MMS Coach Trainings around the world.


Q: Has the program always been called MMS Coach Training?

A: No, in 1975 the program was known as the MMS Consultants Training. As coaching became recognized as a profession, it became appropriate to call the MMS Training what it has always been, MMS Coach Training


Q: How long is the MMS CT?

A: It is over 100 hours of classroom training. The assignments each week take from six to ten hours to complete. Therefore in three months, the amount of time focused on the training sessions, the assignments, and the feedback sessions is approximately 250 hours in total.


Q: What is the purpose of the Training?

A: The purpose of the MMS Coach Training is to become an MMS certified coach, to learn coaching skills to apply to your current career, and to grow exponentially in awareness and interpersonal skills.


Q: What do I bring to the Training?

A: Your curiosity and your willingness to grow, to learn about yourself, interpersonal dynamics, and how to become a “Brilliant” MMS Coach.


Q: Why do people take The MMS Coach Training?

A: People take the MMS Coach Training because they want to grow in dramatic and profound ways; because they want a supportive and nurturing environment in which to learn about coaching; and because they want to hone and enhance their ability to help and support others.


Q: What do they hope to get out of The MMS Coach Training?

A: We provide 18 promises to candidates. Every person who enrolls wants at least four or five of the items on the list. In addition, many people want to develop ways to quiet the voices in their mind, to be more of service to others, to develop the art of asking questions that originate in the intuition. Many people get inspired to change the orientation of their life from one of regret, remorse and recrimination and shift to a life of unconditional acceptance, joy, and surrender to your life’s purpose and path. You start to view life as a puzzle with all the necessary facets to help you navigate your journey.


Q: What is the success rate?

A: Our success rate is very high because we know the program is not for everyone. We interview candidates to determine if there is a fit between what they are looking for and what we are offering. If there is not a match in expectations, we dissuade them from enrolling in the program.


Q: How is The MMS Coach Training different from other Trainings?

A: The MMS Coach Training is different from other trainings in these ways:


  1. The type of coaching is Transformational
  2. It addresses feelings as integral to the process
  3. It focuses on energy, Chakras, and flow
  4. Sharing is recommended and reinforced
  5. Mirrors are a fundamental part of the process
  6. The MMS approach goes deeper than accountability coaching, because of the inclusion of the affective aspect.


Q: Can you tell me about the MMS Coach Training method?

A: Yes, the approach is Socratic in that we ask open-ended questions. They are intuitive questions that allow people to tap into their Inner Knowing or their “answer channel.” Each person who takes the MMS CT taps into their own uniqueness and finds their own answers. You will be amazed at what you will discover about your essential Self. No one else can tell you what you will uncover about yourself in the CT. There are two parts to the CT process: The first six weeks the focus is on the Self. The basic premise is that unless you have your life in the way you want it to be…it is difficult to support others in having their lives be the way they want them to be.

The first half of the Coach Training is about being the best that you can be…so that you can truly be of service to others, supporting each person in reconciling challenges, resolving issues, and in ultimately getting their needs and wants met.

The second six weeks the program focuses on the Coaching aspect, and the emphasis shifts from “Self” to “Other.” Knowing what you want is you birthright. Helping people know what they want is a gift!


Q: What is the format of the Training?

A: We have two different formats. Depending on where you live and which format is being offered at that time in that location.

Format #1: The group meets weekly for four hours in our classroom training session. There are also three sets of process days (Friday and Saturday), one set of process days is part of the launch of the program. We have another set in the middle between sessions 4 & 5, and another set toward the end between sessions 9 & 10. In addition, there are “Feedback Sessions” where guests are invited to do sessions with fellow participants, and private one-on-one feedback is provided to each participant.

Format #2: Three intensive weeks stretched out over three months enables people who live remotely to travel to the location in three installments.

Q: Where does a participant stay?

A: People who live in the area stay at home. People who come from out of town either stay in a hotel or as guests in homes of other participants depending on their personal preferences.

Q: Is lodging included in the price?

A: This varies depending on location. Currently, it is not included in the U.S., but is included in Europe.

Q: Are meals included in the price?

A: This varies depending on location. Currently, meals are not included in the U.S., but are included in Europe.

Q: What if I don’t live in the area?

A: Then you make arrangements to commute to the training location. You can also gather together your own group (20 eligible candidates) and request that MMS come to your area and conduct a special program for your group. This is what originally motivated us to conduct our trainings in Europe. The third option is for you to fly four times, use Skype for remote classroom learning, and sign on to the MMSVT.com.

Q: What is the cost of the MMS Coach Training?

A: The cost varies depending on size and location.

Q: Are there testimonials available?

A: Yes you can read them under “Success Stories”

Q: Is there any follow up after the Training?

A: Yes. Depending on where you live and what you want we can arrange for follow up training, support, and empowerment. Sessions on Skype are always available with MMS coaches.

Q: Are there people I could talk to about their experience?

A: Yes, definitely. Just request location, gender, and age range. People are happy to share about their experience.