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In these complex times, we are bombarded by more stimulation than ever before in the history of the world. The stimulation comes in the form of visuals: billboards, advertising, newspapers, magazines, television, DVDs, video games, the Internet, and e-mail,; and audio: random noise, music, radio, TV, cell phones, and so on. For the most part when stimuli bombard us, the messages are to buy, do, or go somewhere. The messages tell us that we would be happier and our lives would improve if we did something different from what we are currently doing. This is the reality of the twenty-first century world in which we live , and it will only increase. In addition to the constant barrage of stimuli, we also must contend with task-saturated lives in which responses are expected in nano seconds, and there is less and less time to process information and data. In summary, less time, higher expectations, and a plethora of visual and auditory stimulation creates stress. With stress comes confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and a certain amount of anxiety. If you are juggling multiple tasks, trying to get more done than seems possible, and are faced with decisions you don't feel confident making you are not alone. This is the condition that has given rise to the need for coaching.

Some people are natural helpers, and people gravitate to them to discuss their challenges and concerns. You know if you are one of those people. If you are, you always want to improve your interpersonal skills to be as helpful to others as possible. Take a moment and answer these five questions...

Can You...

  • Set aside your own concerns or worries and be present with and for another?

  • Accept the client as he is and encourage him to go for what he wants?

  • Listen, Intuit, and Probe?

  • Connect with another's essence?

  • Blend male and female energy?

If the answer to these questions is, "Yes," then you have the potential of becoming an MMS certified Life Coach. An MMS coach is a support to another in the challenges they encounter in life. An MMS Life Coach helps their clients make important choices from their authentic core. An MMS Certified Life Coach is a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic professional who helps his clients sort out options and determine their best course of action in challenging and complicated circumstances.


When there is a need for something new in the world a new product, a new technology, or a new profession, conditions give rise to the opportunity for that possibility to emerge. When conditions indicate that there is no longer a need for something to exist, because circumstances have changed, then things simply fade away.

For example, there was a time when there were street lamps on the streets, and each evening at dusk, the lamplighters would light the street lamps. Gas lighting was introduced to the streets of Baltimore in 1816 by William Murdoch. In 1879, Cleveland, Ohio was the first city in the US to use electric street lights, and in doing said good-bye to the profession of lamplighters.

In 1974, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott started coaching professionally, and in 1975, she designed and taught the first Motivation Management Service (MMS) Coach Training. Since then, The MMS Institute, Inc., and The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, (MMSWI) has been conducting Coach Trainings around the world.

These Coach Trainings have helped thousands of people assist others in making inner-directed choices. These choices have reduced stress and enabled people to take action, producing more satisfaction and fulfillment. Just as so many other inventions by women have been credited to their male counterparts, until recently Dr. Carter-Scott's contributions have either been unacknowledged or have been credited to others.

Coaching is a profession that is appropriate for the complex times in which we live. If you have wondered what a coach can do for you, read on. There are many ways that a coach can support you in living the life that you would truly like to live.

MMS Coach Training

MMS Coach Training institute is known for its expertise in original Life Coach Training since 1974. MMS Institute has trained thousands of individuals and professionals from various fields worldwide.

Professionals who want to apply coaching skills to their own areas of endeavor can join MMS Coach Training Program to become a MMS Certified Coach, and be a mirror for another person who wants to take a close look at himself. MMS coach training is a customized training program which include life coach training, executive coach training, business coach training to meet the requirements of each individual.

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